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Dear Baby Elijah, You are TWO years old now! You are super talkative and love to dance! You love all things boy- firetrucks, balls, tractors, etc. It’s so silly to me how serious you are about these things! We celebrated your second birthday at Palmito Ranch with Papo. You had fun running around, watching the…

Earth Strong, Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: Two Years

Dear Elijah, You are now 11 months old! You are getting SOOO long and you now have two front teeth on the bottom. You can say “hua-ca”(calling Rasca, your dog), and “dat” (that). You can stand on your own for a few seconds and I think you’ll be walking any day now! You love to…

Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 11 Months

Dear Elijah, You are 10 months old! The highlight of this month has been breaking your first tooth! You now have a little chomper on the bottom. You had a pretty rough time of it, though. It seemed to coincide with a four-day-long fever of 102! 🙁 Just when we called the doctor, your fever…

Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 10 Months

Dear Elijah, You are nine months old! You are crawling EVERYWHERE and eating all of the foods. You are obsessed with our dog Rasca and you’re always trying to find out where he’s at. You love to make funny noises, especially this humming sound as you drift to sleep. It’s almost as if you’re trying…

Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 9 Months

Dear Elijah Ikaia, You are now 8 months old! You just started to crawl, though you don’t get too far yet. You’re definitely picking it up, though, making moves on all fours. You’re still nursing around the clock, but love eating all kinds of fruits and veggies. Your favorite is still mango. Avocados, you could…

Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 8 Months