Aug 2, 2020


Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 10 Months

Dear Elijah,

You are 10 months old! The highlight of this month has been breaking your first tooth! You now have a little chomper on the bottom. You had a pretty rough time of it, though. It seemed to coincide with a four-day-long fever of 102! 🙁 Just when we called the doctor, your fever finally broke. We’re not sure what caused it, but we’re so glad you’re back to your normal, healthy self! Other than that, you’ve enjoyed the last month being back in Mexico and at the beach… You love the water so much that you cry when we take you out and immediately try and crawl back to it, haha. You’re not walking on your own yet, but you can pull yourself up and walk along the furniture. You’ve been making more sounds and trying to say words. You’re getting SOOOO BIG but you’re still as cuddly as ever.