I grew up roaming the shores of South Padre Island, Texas with a 110mm film Barbie film camera in my hand. Whenever I finished a roll I'd take to our local grocery store to develop. I still remember the anticipation of seeing how my photos would turn out, and the joy of sticking them into various albums and scrapbooks. When film went to digital, the camera never left my hands. I joined yearbook at Port Isabel High School and documented student life in addition to my own. Making photos and memories has always been a passion of mine, but I never really thought it would be my job. After high school I left Texas for the University of Hawai'i. The first morning I woke up to emerald green mountains pouring into the bluest water, I knew it was a place I meant to be. 

I'm Erica, your new adventure buddy

hola & aloha I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE

I know we can make magic together & I can't wait to meet you

I studied Geography & Earth Sciences during my undergraduate years, and went on to law school at the same college. After law school and a bit of traveling, I settled back in my hometown of S.P.I. and started working for a law firm. I still spent my evening taking photos, and eventually took the leap away from the courthouse into full-time photography. Now I can freely travel with my family, working in my three favorite places, S.P.I., Mexico, and Kaua'i, doing what I love.

I wasn't always a professional photographer

Lets make memories into art