Mar 2, 2020


Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 5 Months

Elijah Ikaia,

You’re five months old now! You’re chunkier and cuddlier than ever, and you’re starting to be more and more aware and interactive with everything around you. You’re always reaching out trying to grab anything in sight. When I’m eating, you get the most excited, and I think you’ll be ready to start trying stuff soon. As of now, you’re exclusively on the chichi, and still won’t take no bottle. If you’re not eating or sleeping, you want to be sitting up, and can even do it for a couple of seconds on your own. You’re always smiling and laughing at everything and everyone. Just like papa. I can’t wait to take you to Mexico this month to see Nina and Pops and get you back in the Pacific Ocean. I love you soooo much my little nugget. Thank you for being my sweet little boy.