Jun 2, 2020


Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 8 Months

Dear Elijah Ikaia,

You are now 8 months old! You just started to crawl, though you don’t get too far yet. You’re definitely picking it up, though, making moves on all fours. You’re still nursing around the clock, but love eating all kinds of fruits and veggies. Your favorite is still mango. Avocados, you could take or leave. You’re making more sounds and singing. You always hum yourself to sleep if I’m not singing you a song. It’s so funny. You love being worn in the baby carrier and we probably spend a couple of hours a day like that! You’re sleeping well at night and only get up to nurse once or twice. We’ll be in Texas this month, so I’m glad you get to spend some time around family. I love you so much and I’m enjoying every minute of watching you grow.