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Pompeii was a Roman city that was completely covered in volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. The city was excavated and can now be toured in its entirety. It’s amazing what still stands today. Mosaic floors and painted walls have been preserved wonderfully in the past 2,000 years. As you walk through…

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Italy: Pompeii Ruins

We didn’t spend much time in Venice, even though it was the airport we flew out of. In fact, we were only there about 5 hours. I’m not sure why we didn’t make it a priority, but I kind of wish we had. We didn’t make any plans for our short time there, and I…

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Italy 2013: Venice

Funny story. We actually went to Trevi Fountain twice while we were in Rome. The first time, we were looking for the Pantheon, and we followed a crowd to the fountain. There were tons of people there, and we couldn’t figure out why. Turns out it was the famous Trevi fountain. Whoops. We didn’t even…

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Italy 2013: Trevi Fountain

If there isn’t some weird, masonic shiii going on here, I don’t know what is..

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The Vatican