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Christmas is an interesting time. It’s the beginning of winter, but also of longer days with more light. It’s the transition into a new year. Lack of sunlight and the commercial aspect of it aside, I think people get anxiety during this season is because it reminds us of how fast time is moving. Wasn’t…

Christmas, My Family

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve was spent at our home in Laguna Vista this year. We had been planning on being in Mexico for the holidays, but Elijah’s birth certificate barely arrived today and we can’t cross the border without his passport. We were a little bummed to be missing out on warm waves and family fun, but…

Christmas, My Family


This morning we discovered Eva’s first loose tooth! She’s been asking me when her teeth would fall out for what seems like forever. Welp… her bottom front right tooth is nice and wiggly. It won’t be long now! She’s leaving her babyhood behind and entering big girl status. She’ll always be MY baby, of course.

Ariela Selah, Christmas, Damian Julio, Eva Pilar, My Family

Christmas Minis

We spent another Christmas in Mexico, spending lots of quality time together and surfing the warm Pacific waves. It’s hard to believe that this exact time last year I felt the first signs of a tiny baby growing in my belly. Now she’s here, growing our family with love. Whenever we’re all in this beautiful…

Christmas, Mexico

Feliz Navidad 2017

This morning we woke to a lovely surprise… it was snowing! In South Texas! I think this is only like the third time in recorded history this has happened! The kids built a snowman before school and I took a few pictures before heading to work. Now, at lunchtime, it is STILL snowing! Unbelievable!          

Christmas, Texas, Winter

Snow in South Texas!