Dec 26, 2019


Christmas, My Family

Christmas Morning

Christmas is an interesting time. It’s the beginning of winter, but also of longer days with more light. It’s the transition into a new year. Lack of sunlight and the commercial aspect of it aside, I think people get anxiety during this season is because it reminds us of how fast time is moving. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Wasn’t my daughter just too little to reach the counter tops to make Christmas cookies? Wasn’t I just a kid, eagerly awaiting to see what Santa brought me? Where is all this time going, and can we ever have it back? A big part of me doesn’t like any holiday for this reason. I get too caught up in this illusion of time, when in reality wasn’t Christ here to show us that life is everlasting? The seasons remind us that everything flows, and in this movement there is eternity.