Sep 12, 2014


Nature, Virginia

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Yesterday morning I was thinking about what to do with Eva on her day off from pre-school. Since she is obsessed with flowers, the idea popped in my head that I should take her to a Botanical Garden. I quickly Googled it and saw that the closest ones were an hour in either direction-in either DC or Richmond. I clicked on the website for the Richmond one, since it was the one I hadn’t been to yet, and I immediately saw an advertisement for the butterfly garden. I  didn’t need to read any further. I closed the app, loaded up the kids in the car seats and took off. I didn’t know anything else about the gardens, so I was surprised when I arrived and saw how huge it is. There are endless paths and trails that leave you lost in rose gardens and wildflowers and, my personal favorite, orchids…

  1. SBenn says:

    Lewis Ginter is great! Maymont is also in Richmond. Huge former estate now park with Childrens Barn, Italtian gargens and Japanese gardens, nature center ($5) with lots of fish and two cute otters to watch swim around. There are bears, goats, birds and a historic mansion to tour too!

  2. V. Nino says:

    The pink orchids are STUNNING. As is Evita 🙂

  3. This is so wonderful! I’d love to take Lyla there and your photos are so beautiful!