Sep 10, 2014


Eva Pilar

Eva: 2 1/2

Evita Pilar,

Today you are officially two-and-a-half. But when we ask you, you still say you’re thirteen.

Sometimes I look at you, and then your little brother, and I think about what you were like when you were his age. It’s hard to imagine you were ever that tiny; but I do remember- the endless cuddles, your baby smell, your facial expressions. Other times I look at your face and see your tiny baby self staring back at me, as if it hasn’t changed one bit. You are still the same sassy, colorful little chatterbox… but now I can understand everything you say, and it’s wonderful. I love that you can tell me what you want. I love your stories. I love hearing your two-and-a-half year old opinion about everything. “No, I don’t like that shirt.””This is tasty.” “You look beautiful, mommy!” And yeah, you really know when to pull out that last one.

Now that you can tell me what you want, you’re always trying to get me to take you out of the house. You’re just like Mommy in that you hate sitting around at home. And when we finish with wherever our adventure takes us, and we’re driving back home, you say, “I don’t want to go to Eva’s house.” (That’s what you call our house… “Eva’s house.” Because that’s what we told you when we first pulled up to it 6 months ago and you asked, “Where are we?”) It takes a lot of running around and climbing things before you’ll finally request with defeat in your voice, “Can we go to Eva’s house now?” You love exploring, and I love that.

You love singing and dancing, and you have all sorts of amazing moves. In just six months we’ll be able to put you in a dance class, which I think will be perfect for you. You love interacting with other kids, too. This month you started part-time pre-school and so far you seem to be really enjoying it. I miss you so much while you’re there, but I know you’re having fun.

At two-and-a-half, you already refuse to let me dress you. You want to pick out what you want to wear. I suspect that even if you wanted to wear what I picked out, you’d pick something else instead. But I do have a trick to get you to wear things. I tell you that your Auntie Ashley bought it for you, and she wants me to take a picture of you in it to send to her. It works every time. You’re such a little squirt.

But even though I see you becoming more independent from me, I know that you still love me as much as ever. We might not spend our days cuddling like we did when you were a baby, but we always find a little bit of time for it everyday. You always tell me you love me, and it’s the best feeling a mama could feel. ???? Thank you for that, and thanks for being mine.