Dec 2, 2019


Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: Two Months

Elijah Ikaia is now two months old! I feel like we are finally starting to get used to each other and the world together. We are finding our rhythm, which now involves waking up several hours before the sun. I’ve actually come to love this time- the quiet of the night, the stillness of the house, baby cuddles, and best of all, the sunrise. We’re still nursing every hour or so, and Elijah is getting so BIG! He feels so strong and solid for a two-month-old. He’s a smiley baby and loves to try and talk. When he does, it’s like I can see the little boy he’ll be growing into before I know it. I’m still trying to appreciate these blurry newborn moments, as tiring and hard as they can be. It’s almost like they have to be so difficult just to balance out the pure magic and wonder of having a brand new human to behold.