Dec 24, 2019


My Family, South Padre Island

Fishing Fun

Did you know my husband is a fishing guide on South Padre Island? He charters bay trips on the Laguna Madre in search of trout, drum, flounder, and more. He has been a Captain for two years now and a deckhand for many many years before that. One of his dreams is to own a boat in Kauai one day and take people on adventures out there! For now, he’s rockin it on the island where we grew up. The other day he went on a short little just-for-fun trip and I happened to be there when he arrived. Dead fish are not something I would normally take a picture of, lol, but they made for interesting photos. They were pretty delicious too. 😉 If you’re interested in booking a fishing charter call (808) 781-7456.