Jan 2, 2020


Elijah Ikaia

Elijah Ikaia: 3 Months

We surfvived the fourth trimester! Three months straight of cuddling Elijah Ikaia. His wide eyes are always observing everything around them, squinting into smiles when they catch a glimpse of his older siblings. He loves watching them, and they can always get him to giggle. It’s the sweetest little sound. He loves bath time and going for walks. He’s my big little nugget, wearing size 9-month clothing already, all on mama’s milk. He still nurses every hour or so during the day, but at night he’s starting to sleep for a few hours at at a time. He discovered his feet for the first time and is starting to reach for other things too. He’s still obsessed with mama, and when I have a photoshoot Papa has to drive him around up and down the island in hopes he’ll stay asleep in his car seat long enough for me to finish. We don’t mind, though. We know all too well it won’t be long before he’s running off with the other three. We love our baby boy, and so blessed to be his.