Sep 20, 2012


Hawaii, Throwback Thursday

Waipio Valley

If I could live anywhere in Hawaii, it would definitely be Waipio Valley. When I was there I truly felt like I was isolated from the rest of the world. It was what I had always imagined Hawaii to be like. To get there you have to drive down a steep road (up to 45 degrees) down the wall of the valley. This significantly limits its access. Driving down the road was pretty sketchy.
The valley meets the ocean at a river mouth and black sand beach. The surf wasn’t great that day but I have a friend from Waipio Valley who says it goes off.
The valley was quickly filled with heavy, intense rain. We didn’t want to leave just yet so we decided to do some exploring in the rental jeep rather than drive back up the steep valley road. So we followed a residential road up the river. When I say “up the river,” I mean literally up the river. There are parts of the road that cross about a foot or so of water and rocky streams. There are country style houses along the road. Being engulfed in the valley’s lush rainforest and gorgeous coastline seems so peaceful and perfect. Just leaving your house to go to the store would be an adventure. Some may call it an inconvenience but I’d call it heaven.
I was a bit bummed we couldn’t spend more time there. It’s definitely a place I need to visit again.
  1. Jen says:

    Wow that beach is amazing!!! I have never seen sand like that before.

  2. Ohh, that’s so pretty! I love how the sand looks black. This is going to sound totally lame but it reminds me of the “beach” scene in Twilight. 🙂 LOL! Man what I would give to be able to wake up close to the beach. And the clouds coming down over the mountain. That reminds of the city where my grandparents live in Mexico. Just lovely. So, have you found out where y’all are headed after this?

  3. Alaniz says:

    Awesome Pictures! Makes we want to go back soooo Bad! I really hope our next duty station is Hawaii. Oh I love your camera ! What kind is it. I already told Israel I want an awesome camera from my bday/xmas 😀