Mar 10, 2015


Earth Strong, Eva Pilar


Evita Pilar,

Today you are three years old. THREE. It has been three years since I first felt your tiny hand clasp around my finger, three years since I first kissed your chubby little cheeks, and three years since I first looked into your beautiful eyes. It has been three years since I became a mother. YOUR mother.

Since then we’ve moved three times, seen seven countries, and added another sweet baby to the mix. I’ve watched you transform from a tiny newborn blob to a three-year-old big sister. You are your own little person with your own thoughts and opinions. And you’re never afraid to tell them to me. You may have outgrown diapers and sippy cups, but you haven’t outgrown your sass. It’s so funny how I could see it in you from the time you first started showing your personality. You’re such a little diva and I love it. You love to sing and dance and chat. You’re the life of any party and I hope you never lose your confidence.

You have the best imagination and I love watching you play. Whether it’s drawing, building, or playing with dolls you always have an interesting story to go with whatever you’re doing. You love assigning roles and playing characters. You always include your baby brother, as well.

You’re such a wonderful big sister. You can be quite bossy and you’re always taking away his toys, but I know that you love your little brother to death. Whenever he wakes up from a nap you yell, “Yeaaaayyyy!!!!!” And you run to the bed with me to cuddle him. The other day, the teacher at our gym’s kid’s club told me another baby was being rough with Damo. She said you told the little boy not to be mean to your baby brother and then you stayed by his side the rest of the time you were there. “That’s my girl,” I thought. You make me so happy.

You love being outdoors more than ever. You love the ocean and rolling around in the sand. You love watching birds and other animals and you’re obsessed with flowers.

You’re just a lovely, beautiful little girl and every single day I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to be your mother. I hope you have a wonderful birthday my sweet baby, and many more to come. Thank you for teaching me more about life and love than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for being mine.