Mar 11, 2015


Earth Strong, Eva Pilar

Eva Pilar: 3rd Birthday Party!

For Evita’s third birthday, I had planned a small party for her at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. I was so excited to take the kids on the nature trails and show them all of the birds and butterflies. The closer the date approached, the more dismal the weather report became. South Texas is experiencing unusually cold weather this time of year, and the date of her party was no exception. I was bummed, but determined to make Eva’s party a success nonetheless. I phoned my mother (a former art teacher), who suggested we have a painting party at her house. I ran to the store to get some last minute supplies, and here’s how the party turned out:

The kids had a ridiculous amount of fun, and I was relieved. Here are the supplies I used at the party:
1. Toddler Butterfly Wings
2. Butterfly Cookie Cutters (for the sandwiches)
3. a 10-pack of canvases
4. a black paint pen to draw the outline of the butterflies on the canvases
5. a set of watercolor paints for each child
6. a face-painting kit
7. a giant “3” balloon
8. butterfly cutouts