May 28, 2013


Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sea Caves at Low Tide

Today’s prompt for the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is “just pictures.” I planned on posting “just” the pictures from our little hike last Sunday, but decided they were worth an explanation. A while back shared some photos from atop the Sea Cliffs at Coco Beach. Well, last Sunday it was very low tide (which makes the surf not so great) so we decided to go on a little hike below the cliffs. We didn’t go to Coco Beach, this time; we went to our secret surf spot, which I took a vow not to advertise on my blog- not that there are a million surfers fighting for waves in Dar, but whatever. The hike ended up being pretty awesome. There are tons of sea caves exposed with lots of critters to observe. We saw bats, starfish, crabs, and even the fossil of a giant clam.