Jun 10, 2013



Eva Pilar: 15 Months

Evita Pilar,

You’re turning into such a kid these days!

You love to spin around in circles. I call them “360’s” and you can even do them on command now. You spin and spin and spin, both frontside and backside. Before we know it, you’ll be doing them on waves.

You’ve started throwing occasional tantrum. I didn’t know they started this early. We went to the doctor last week and you threw yourself on the floor in protest, right in the office, because I wouldn’t let you open all his drawers and unplug his machines. Whenever I tell you off you tell me to “shhhhh!” Who knew a 14-month-old could be so sassy. You’re generally a very happy baby, though, like you always have been. You love going places and meeting new people. You’re always smiling and chatting up a storm.

You’ve added quite a few words to your vocabulary this month, which consists of:
-gato (you’ve pretty much stopped saying cat)
-bath (but more like “bahhh”)
-two (after we say “one”)
-“u-yet” for “juliet”’

You blink your eyes rapidly when we say “ojitos” and you point to our noses when we say nariz. You’ve been better about pointing to our “boca” and “orejas” too. Your favorite is still your belly button.

Your latest favorite toys are your legos (the big baby-sized ones), and you can make a tower of FIVE (or more) blocks. You’re pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

You’re cutting all six of your top teeth, canine to canine. In fact, your two canines are about halfway out at this point (which is weird because I thought the middle ones would come before the canines). Other than that, the only teeth that have fully come in are your four middle ones on the bottom.

You’re getting a lot better at telling us what you want. You say “agua” now when you want a cup of water. You hold up your hands and wave your fingers when you want me to tickle you. You put your head down on the ground and your butt up in the air when you want us to help you do a handstand. You still demand to play outside several times a day. You love to try and feed us.

You’re the sweetest little baby in the world and nothing compares to your kisses and cuddles. I love you so much, my little chunkster. Thank you for being mine.