Nov 13, 2014



Pink or Blue for #2?

Today is ultrasound day! You know what that means!But before I announce the gender, I wanted to go through the Old Wives Tales like last time and see what your guesses are! 

The first 10 questions I just copied and pasted from my post about Eva. I think I got them from a quiz online somewhere. I modified the answers to reflect this pregnancy.

1. How you’re carrying – If you’re carrying high, break out the pink. If your bump is low, you’re carrying a boy.
Boy. However, last time I was also carrying low. Strangers would come up to me and say, oh, you’re having a boy? Nope. It was a Girl.

2. Heart Rate– According to legend, 140+ beats per minute indicates a girl, and below 140 a boy.
Girl! It was 161 at the NT scan. This one was right for Eva.

3. Cravings– If you’re craving sweets it’s a girl, if you’re craving salty it’s a boy
Boy! However, all I craved the first time around was salty and spicy food. In fact, I had an aversion to most sweets. And it was a Girl.

4. Chinese Birth Chart– based on the month you conceived and your age at conception
Girl! This was right for Eva.

5. Mayan Legend– determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.
Boy! This was wrong with Eva, though. She is a Girl.

6. Complexion– If you’re breaking out like crazy, blame it on your girl babe. The belief goes that girls steal their mother’s beauty, hence, those annoying zits.
Boy! I’m not breaking out any more than usual (I always have a few whiteheads lurking around). With Eva I was a definite Pizza face.

7. Ring Test– Hang your wedding ring by a string. If it swings in a circle, a little guy’s in your future. If it goes back and forth, you’ve got a girl.
Boy! My friend Sabrina did this for me using a pin instead of a ring. Same thing right? She did it three times. They all started off boy, but the second one switched to more of a girl swing. I’ll give it to the boy, though.

8.  Morning Sickness– Sick as a dog during the first trimester — or still? Signs indicate you’re having a girl. Little or no morning sickness points to a boy.
Boy! I had absolutely NO morning sickness at all. With Eva, I did experience some nausea but never enough to make me throw up.

9.  Survey Says
Boy! All of my friends think I’m having a boy. They were right about me having a girl with Eva, which I was a little frustrated about because I felt like they thought they knew more about my baby than I did.

10. Things I didn’t do:
-Pee in a glass of draino
-buy any sort of gender predictor kit
-go to a psychic Other “predictors” that I didn’t address the first time around:
1) My hair is AMAZING. With Eva, all my hair fell out. Not after pregnancy, when it’s supposed to fall out, but throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy. My hair was actually still recovering from my pregnancy with Eva when I got pregnant with this baby. I seriously must have lost half a head of hair. I’m so grateful to have thick, shiny hair this time around. I’d probably have to buy a wig if it was like last time. According to the Old Wives Tales, I think this means Boy.
2) I’m still wearing pre-pregnancy bras. During my last pregnancy, my boobs exploded right away. I was in so much pain and went up two cup sizes almost immediately. This time, my boobs aren’t very sore at all. They feel FULLER but not that much bigger, if that makes sense. I googled this, and found a scientific study that says women who are pregnant with girls grow larger breasts than women who are pregnant with boys because boys secrete testosterone which prevents breast growth to a certain extent. If this is right, it definitely means Boy.
3) My positive pregnancy test showed up later this time. For both pregnancies, I took a test the day I was supposed to get my period (but missed it). The line on the test for Eva was blaring. It was even darker than the control line if I remember correctly. This time the line was barely there. I read a study early in pregnancy (while I was worrying why the line was so faint) that says you produce pregnancy hormones with boys more slowly than with girls when you first become pregnant, so if you’re pregnant with a boy the test might not be positive until a few days later. This would indicate I’m having a Boy. 4) Thinner women have more girls. Historically, in times of drought and famine more female babies were produced than males. It has to do with the fact that women generally require less energy (calories) than men, and also that more women than men are needed to keep a population growing. A recent study showed that this till applies today. A woman who diets and restricts her calories is less likely to have a boy than a woman who eats breakfast every morning and is on the heavier side of normal. Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself thin (I think I’m more of an “athletic” build) I am definitely into watching what I eat and I would probably say this would make me lean Girl.
Other ways this pregnancy has been different (but I’m not sure if there is an tale for them):

-spotting in early pregnancy
-WAY more tired during this pregnancy
-Only one day of heartburn so far this time. I had it early and often with Eva.
-less weight gain this time
-more lower back pain at this point in pregnancy
-more Braxton Hicks and/or round ligament pain (Not sure what’s what.)Any other ones I should guess for fun??? Were any of these wives tales true for you? What do YOU think it is???