Mar 21, 2017




Lately I feel I’m in constant motion, moving from one project to the next, flowing like a stream across a beautiful landscape. Some days seem overwhelming- but they always manage to pour out like a waterfall into a gentle pool, allowing for a few moments of tranquility before carrying on towards the sea. Most of the time I don’t mind the feeling of busyness. It’s always worth it when I can reap what I’ve sown, literally and metaphorically. Last weekend I tasted the perfectly sweet beets I planted months ago, a reminder of the power of patience and putting love into all that I do. It’s in these moments I recognize that busyness isn’t always work- it’s nurturing, it’s elevating, it’s creating. I’m grateful for these opportunities, and the space in between to reflect…

  1. Heather says:

    Your post sums up parenting for me beautifully, specifically staying home with my babies! Some days are so non-stop, but then you get that snuggle from your little one or naps are in sync and you get to just relax and feel recharged. Loved this post Erica. So happy you’re writing again.