Oct 16, 2017


Mexico, Surfing, Travels

La Ticla

About a week after Ariela was born we decided we were ready to head South to Guerrero, where Ryan’s family has a home. We piled in the Silverado for the 12-hour drive, and decided to make quick stop halfway through in La Ticla, a world-famous surf spot in Michoacan, Mexico. We drove through the windy mountains down the coast for hours. Ariela slept most of the way but Damian and Eva were getting antsy. When we finally arrived at the beach the surf was firing! I couldn’t get in the water yet, but enjoyed relaxing on the beach, taking pictures, and watching the sunset. We stayed in the bungalos on the beach there. It was a bit uncomfortable being one week post-partum with no hot water or air conditioning, but it was definitely worth the experience. The next morning we spent a little more time on the beach before embarking on the other half of our journey.