Oct 24, 2017


Ariela Selah

Ariela Selah: Two Months

Baby Ariela,

Today you are two months old! It has been a busy month for us. I started back up at work and we’ve been transitioning into a new routine. It’s sooo hard for me to be away from you, but you seem to be handling it well. You stay with Nina or Papa while I’m gone and drink pumped milk from a bottle. I was worried that you would have a hard time switching back-and-forth between nursing and the bottle, but you are doing both very well and I’m so relieved. You are a wonderful baby and super chill. You spend a lot of time awake; Your big blue eyes scan the room, stopping on things that spark your interest. You love being around your big sister and brother; They can entertain you for quite a while. This month you’ve really started smiling and trying to communicate a lot. I love hearing your sweet little voice making “gooooo” and “aaahhhh” sounds. Sometimes you laugh and let out adorable little squeals. You love bath time and can hang out in the water forever. I can’t wait to take you swimming in the ocean, but for now you’re perfectly content hanging out on the shore. You still wake up every couple of hours for milk, but it’s not so bad cuddling with you all night. It’s been a great month getting to know you, baby girl. I’m looking forward to watching you grow.