Jul 5, 2013


Eva Pilar, My Family, Texas, Week in Review

Home for the Half-Year

It’s hard to believe 2013 is halfway over. It seriously feels like yesterday I was conjuring up a recap of 2012. Despite a rough patch or two, it has treated me pretty well so far. I’m glad to be spending the half-year in Texas with my family. “Home” is always a good place to reflect on where you’ve been, and the paths that have led you back… I love watching Evita play on the same beaches I grew on. It makes me think about how wonderful life is, and how fast it goes by. In the picture above, I can see the baby version of me in Eva’s reflection- looking up from a time long gone. She cries when we leave the beach now. She points at the water and tries to free herself from my arms.

This week Eva met her first (and only, so far) cousin for the first time. She started saying, “shoes, happy, grandpa, GiGi, and nana.” She’s also been trying to say “birdie.”