Jul 10, 2013



Eva Pilar: 16 Months

Evita Pilar,

Happy 16 months! You’ve learned so much this month, especially since arriving in Texas two weeks ago. You know the meaning of countless words, and you’re awesome at following directions now. I seriously can’t believe all the stuff you say.

This will probably be the last month I’ll be able to list your words, because even this list seems to be incomplete:

-no, no, no (while shaking your finger)
-thank you
-mas (“more” in Spanish)
-mama, mommy
-two, three, and sometimes four (after we say “one”)
-“u-yet” for “juliet”
-“GG” for my mom
-“nana” for both bananas and Grandma Maria
-“grandpa” (or your variation of it)

And here’s what you’re up to:
-learning to count to three (sometimes four)
-holding your breath for a couple of seconds underwater
-taking the backings off all the remote controls (ugh)
-pointing to various body parts when asked
-mimicking movements of animals
-getting your first molars

You love when we sing you “Happy Birthday,” and you can even say the words.

You can’t get enough of the water. You will stay in a pool or the ocean for hours without getting sick of it. You cry when we make you get out. You’re definitely our child.

You’re also obsessed with being outside. If someone takes you outside, they better plan on staying with you out there a while because you’ll throw a fit when it’s time to come in.

We’ve had a lot of fun in Texas this months, and I’m so glad you’ve been able to spend so much time with family. Soon it will be time to head back to Tanzania. I love you so much my little baby. Thank you for being mine.