Dec 10, 2013


Eva Pilar

Eva Pilar: 21 Months

Dear Evita,

Today you are 21 months old and it seems like you’re already leaving toddlerhood behind and entering childhood full steam. Yesterday you walked into the kitchen, looked up at me and asked, “What are you making?” I had to do a double-take. “Who is this kid,” I thought. What happened to the goos and gaas I used to hear coming from the back seat? Wasn’t that like two days ago? In the blink of an eye I have a beautiful little girl who can count to ten and almost sing the entire alphabet.

I’m so proud of you and how much you’ve grown, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss cradling your tiny sleeping body. Now you’re always on the move. You still take an afternoon nap (thankfully) but you fight it like it’s the end of the world. But every now and then you have those moments where the exhaustion finally catches up to you. Every now and then, you’ll come to my lap and let me play with your hair as you fall asleep. I’ve really been trying to savor those moments because I know they’ll be gone soon, too.

This month I’ve been working on teaching you letters, shapes, and colors. You’re doing really well and learning more and more everyday. You’re a little chatterbox, and you love pointing things out and identifying them. You surprise everyone (including me) when you know what things are in both English and Spanish. You’re such a little sponge and I’m sometimes unaware of the things you are soaking up.

You tend to be pretty shy around people you don’t spend much time with, which seems to be a more recent development. It takes a while for you to open up and be your rambunctious little self around them.

Your favorite books this month were The Foot Book and Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom. You love “reading” the words with me and telling the story with hand gestures you’ve made up all on your own. Your favorite song was definitely the alphabet song. Your favorite toy has been your big red shape sorting ball. Your favorite game was still “Hide-and-go-Seek.”

Every morning when you wake up, before climbing out of bed and walking down the stairs to join me, you go to your dresser, pick out a bathing suit, and repeat over and over again, “Beach? Beach?” Let’s go!” I was a little better about taking you this month than last, but I definitely don’t take you as much as I used to. Sorry, sweet girl. In about four months I’ll be back to my normal self (and you’ll have a little brother to join us). I still don’t know where we’ll be by then but I’m hoping and praying it’s by the beach.

Being your Mommy has been a bit exhausting lately, but it’s still the most rewarding responsibility I’ve ever had. Every day with you is just so much fun. Your smile gives me all the energy I need. I love you, my little princess. Thank you for being mine.