Nov 24, 2014


Damian Julio

Damian Julio: Seven Months

Dear Damian,

You are now officially mobile! You started out the month with scooting and rocking back and forth on your knees, and it took you a couple of weeks but you finally figured out how to crawl. Just as I suspected, you are so much happier “on your own” now that you can do it. It’s a little scarier than I thought it would be with your big sister around, though. She’s always leaving crayons and other small things on the floor I have to watch out for. I don’t understand how your little baby eyes are so much better than mine. It’s like you zero in on Eva’s little objects left on the floor and it becomes your mission to get the object in your mouth as quickly as possible. You also want to constantly be standing up. You’ve become a pro at pulling yourself up on things, but once you’re in the standing position it only takes a few minutes for your chunky little legs to become tired and wobbly. You’ve had a few spills onto your 96th percentile noggin of yours, but even then you want to get right back up and do it again. This whole childproofing thing is going to be extremely difficult in the next few weeks, because yesterday we moved to Texas and we’ll be staying with your grandparents until we find a place of our own.

Lately you’ve just been loving your sister. Whenever I get mad at her for doing something she’s not supposed to do or whenever you see her upset you yell and grunt and make noises I never hear you make except in that circumstance. It’s so weird! But it’s also precious. Every month the two of you interact more and more and I can’t wait to watch your relationship grow. Sometimes she can be a little hard on you but you love her just the same.

Other things you love: You love food. You have yet to try something you won’t eat. It blows my mind. You also love being  in a new place. You love our kitty cat, Selena. You’re obsessed with ceiling fans.

Things you hate: After seven months of countless road trips, you still hate your car seat. You hate when your big sister or I take something away from you. You throw the biggest fit. You hate having your face wiped.

You’re the sweetest, most charming little boy. You steal smiles wherever you. I just love being your mama. Here’s to our next chapter in Texas.