Nov 20, 2014


Damian Julio

A Glimpse

Dear Baby Boy,
This is the first of many letters I’ll be writing you while you are in my belly and throughout your childhood. I’ve been meaning to write you sooner, but I kept waiting for a quiet moment that never came. You see, you have an older sister who is very busy (to say the least). She keeps me on my toes, but I love her to death. I know you will too. (Keep me on my toes AND love your sister, I mean.) I can’t wait to see what you will bring to our little family. I can’t wait to see YOU and hold you. It seems like it’s so far away. But you’re always reminding me that you’re coming. I feel your tiny kicks and rolls all day (and night!). When I saw you on the sonogram machine last week, you were doing summersaults in my belly. It was such an amazing sight.
I already have so much love for you, it’s unbelievable. I’m looking forward to April.