May 24, 2014


Damian Julio

Damian Julio: One Month

Dear Damian,

Today you are one month old! I’m amazed we’ve reached this point, but I’d be lying if I said the last month went by quickly. In fact, it has been one of the most challenging months of my life. Life as a mommy of two is a whole new world for me. But as difficult as it has been to adjust, it has been overwhelmingly beautiful. I can’t describe the love I have for you and your big sister. I can’t explain how amazing it feels to be a mom of two.

Speaking of two, the first two weeks with you were the roughest. You wanted to nurse around the clock. As much as I loved the time I had to cuddle with you, I was exhausted. Slowly but surely you started sleeping a bit more. I had more time between nursing sessions and was able to feel a bit more like myself. I was also able to appreciate you more. Your little sleep smiles. The way your tiny, rigid arms stretch far above your head when you wake up. Your single little leg kicks when you’re about to start crying. The way your tiny lips curled in for a pout right before you’d wail.

In the last two weeks I’ve already noticed lots of changes. There have been less newborn reflexes and more deliberate facial expressions and movements. You’re starting to give us big, goofy, real smiles. You’re starting to figure out that you can touch things. As soon as I put my Boppy on my lap with you on it your little grumpy hunger face turns into a look of excitement and anticipation… you know what’s coming. Your eyelashes are getting long like your big sister’s. You’re starting to get a few rolls in your little thighs. You roll from your front to back during tummy time. I know all too well how fast this newborn stage goes. Now that this first month has passed and I have a little more room to breathe, I want it to slow down just a tad.

Things you Love: You love nursing, obviously. You love staring at all the black and white things in our house (which is a lot of things). You love watching your big sister. You love baths. You love being worn.

Things you Hate: You hate being in your car seat, unless it’s in motion. You dislike your swing (ugh). You hate gas. Sometimes you toot so loud that you wake yourself up. You’re not a big fan of naps, but at least you sleep at night (most of the time).

This month you went on your first trip to the beach. It’s a bit far from where we live but I hope I can get you there more this summer. I look forward to getting you in the water and letting you feel the sand.

At one month old you weigh 9lbs 3oz and are 21.25in long. You’re growing right on track. You still have so much hair it’s ridiculous. No wonder I had so much heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy. I wonder if it will fall out like your sister’s did. It hasn’t yet. Your eyes are still blue, but I’m certain they’ll change. Will they be green like your mamas? Or a beautiful chocolate brown like your big sister’s? It’s definitely fun to think about.

I look forward to watching you transform from a tiny baby to a rambunctious toddler like your sister. I look forward to all the adventures we’ll share together. I love you baby boy. Thank you for being mine.