This week Damian started giving us LOTS of social smiles. It’s not hard to make him smile. All you have to do is coo and talk in a ridiculous voice. You know how they say to let babies sleep around older siblings and other happenings so they get used to sleeping through noises? Well, I’ve been doing that since Damian was born and he still can’t really nap for more than five minutes before Eva wakes him up. Ugh. Still, I’m grateful that he sleeps at night. He’s been giving me two three-hour stretches at night with the occasional four-hour stretch here and there. After about 5am he wakes every hour or two, though. This week he had a 4-week checkup. He has gained a little over 8 ounces a week in the last two weeks, which is above the 5-7 ounce guidelines for breastfed babies. I’m very happy about this. Other than a little baby acne that seems to have developed, everything is looking good. I hope his poor little face clears up soon.

IN OTHER NEWS… I’m officially back to running (or jogging more like it)! I started way early this time (3 weeks 4 days post-partum). I told myself I was going to only do walk-run intervals, with a longer walking interval, but once I started running I just felt so great I couldn’t stop. When I first tried running after Eva, I felt a little pain and pressure down there, so I knew I wasn’t ready. But this time I felt great. I ended up running 3 miles/day Monday-Friday with no issues at all. I can’t wait to start lifting again in a week or so. I have about 10lbs to drop this time around. It’s weird, because with Eva I weighed more at the end of my pregnancy (even though I gained about the same this time around), but by 4 weeks post-partum I only had 6lbs to drop. I honestly have to blame breastfeeding for this one. I’m constantly starving. I don’t know if it’s because I need the extra calories or if it’s just because I’m so sleep-deprived. Oh well. Starting next week (when my mother-in-law leaves) I’m going to start tracking my calories and slowly-but-surely dropping them until I meet my sweet spot of weight loss and milk supply.

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