Dec 24, 2014



Damian Julio: Eight Months

Dear Damian,

Today is your first Christmas Eve. I stayed up late last night wrapping presents for you and your sister and it was so much fun. I know you don’t understand the whole concept yet, but I’m still so excited to watch you unwrap your gifts, even if you are more interested in eating the paper. You eat everything these days. I’ve been giving you more finger foods, like little chunks of avocado and banana and other things you can easily mash up. You are no longer interested in the pureed stuff, but I still try to feed it to you every now and then. You’re such a chunky little boy! I don’t have your weight and height measurements this month, but you are becoming more solid and sturdy than ever. You’re crawling everywhere and pulling yourself up on everything. You can walk along furniture and push your activity table around. You’re always chatting up a storm, as well. You say “mama” and make all sorts of other little sounds. I’m stoked you’re finally at this stage. You’re like a little tank, trudging through everything and leaving destruction in your path. You’re always on the move and you’ll only sit still if you’re completely worn out (but not before fighting that, too). You have a little temper and get SO angry if your sister (or me) takes something away from you. I don’t blame you, though. Your sister is always stealing your toys! Haha. One day you’ll be big enough to hold your own. You love her so much, though. You laugh at almost anything else she says or does. When she’s upset, you get upset too.

Things you love: Beach walks. Babywearing. Food. More Food. Sand. Assisted walking. Blowing raspberries. Cuddles.

Things you hate: Baby gates. Boogers.

You’re such a fun little baby. Thank you for being mine. Merry Christmas!