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I'm a homeschooling, surf mama of four wild keiki. We spend out time traveling between South Padre Island, Texas, El Rancho Capire, Mexico, and Kauai, Hawaii. These are our adventures!  

photographer and surf mama of four


my name is

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We are so stoked to be back in Kauai. Yesterday evening we had a gorgeous sunset, with all the orangy and purply colors. Damian surfed some by the pier, Eva worked on her sandcastles, Elijah pushed his truck around, and Ariela danced and twirled while I photographed a nice family visiting from Wisconsin and Colorado.…



Firey Hanalei

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Just surfing at The Ranch with my favorite kids. Viva Mexico…

Surfing With The Crew



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Dear Baby Elijah, You are TWO years old now! You are super talkative and love to dance! You love all things boy- firetrucks, balls, tractors, etc. It’s so silly to me how serious you are about these things! We celebrated your second birthday at Palmito Ranch with Papo. You had fun running around, watching the…

Elijah Ikaia


Elijah Ikaia: Two Years

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Dear Ariela, Today you’re 4 YEARS OLD! I looked at you this morning before I woke you up with your birthday song and realized how much you’ve grown. You’re so LONG! And you’re so pretty. I think you look like your mama, but maybe I’m biased. 😉 You are much, much braver than I, though!…

Ariela Selah: 4 Years


Ariela Selah

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The last stop on our road trip was New Orleans, Louisiana. We stayed at a hotel in the French Quarter, and spent the afternoon walking around, eating Cajun food and beignets, listening to music, and seeing what makes this City so very unique.



Last Stop, NOLA

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While in Florida we discovered one of our good Kauai friends was visiting her hometown in Lake Worth, FL, so the morning after Disney we drove a couple hours south to see her. We spent the morning at the beach until the rain came, then we said goodbye and drove a few hours back north…

Palm Beach to JAX Beach