Apr 24, 2022



Damian Julio: 8 YEARS!

Dear Damian,

You are now 8 years old!! You are such a “big kid” now and I love it! You love skating and playing outside, but you also love your video games! Minecraft is your fav, and even though I’m not big on screen time I like how you can create things on there and interact with your friends. You are so smart and do well in all your schoolwork. You are a natural at surfing and skating and you’re ALWAYS checking the surf report to see when the waves are coming. You beg me and Papa to take you even when we’re not feeling it. I love that you have the surfing bug! You also like playing soccer, and have been playing on a team this year with your friends from school. You are the sweetest son with the biggest heart. You are always so aware and respectful of how everyone is feeling. You are so caring to your siblings. You are always the first one to wake up in the morning, but also the last one to fall asleep. I always try and save some energy to read you a book or cuddle with you. Right now we’re reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” because you’re in fourth grade and you relate to so much stuff in there. It’s one of my favorite times of the day when the whole house is quiet and we get some time to reflect. Time is moving so fast and I try and cherish every moment with you as my baby boy, even though when you’re a big tall man I will still think of you as my baby too.

Love you so much,