Nov 24, 2017


Ariela Selah

Ariela Selah: Three Months

Ariela Selah,

You’re now three months old and leaving the sleepy newborn stage behind. You finally have some little rolls in your thighs and your cheeks are so plump and kissable- all on mama’s milk! I’ve managed to [barely] keep up my pumping supply while I’m at work while cherishing the time I have to nurse you at home. You’re starting to figure out the big world around you. You look all around with your big blue eyes, smiling at things you find amusing. You love watching and listening to your big sister and brother the most. It seems like you want to be part of their conversation and play. Sometimes you even laugh in delight. It’s the sweetest little sound. You’re just learning to use your hands to grab things. You stare at your feet sometimes too. You love taking baths, especially in the big bath. We’ve started helping you float and get used to being in the water again. You still sleep with mama and papa, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. This month you went on a little road trip to San Antonio for your first ride on the train at Brackenridge Park. You also went on a few boat rides and many trips to the beach. You’re a super chill baby and we are very grateful. Thank you for being ours!