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Happy due date to me! I have officially wrapped up all my sessions and am calling it maternity leave. Hopefully I’ll meet this little girl or boy any day now. People keep asking what I think it is but I’m not really certain. I had a dream early on that it was a little boy. He was about two years old with curly blonde hair (like Ariela) and was running around the parking lot while we were checking the surf. “No, Cristofer!” I told him as he started to explore under a lifted Toyota truck. I woke up from that dream certain it was a boy, but confused as to why I would call him Cristofer (with a Spanish accent, lol). Since then, the hint of morning sickness I had made me question its man-hood, as I only ever felt queasy with Eva and Ariela. Only time will tell, and its best to spend it having fun as to not drive myself crazy thinking about it! Here’s what we have been up to…


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