Jan 23, 2015


Damian Julio, Eva Pilar

Week in Pictures

This week Damian started standing on his own a little bit! If you’re holding his hands or he’s holding onto furniture, he can let go and stay balanced for several seconds. Instead of taking steps forward, though, he slowly squats back down. He’s eating lots of different types of foods now, and I’m a lot more comfortable giving him bigger pieces that he can nibble on. He has slept in past 9 twice this week, which is strange because usually he’s up by 7:30. Maybe he’s going through a growth spurt?
This is my favorite picture of Evita this week. She’s running around with the sea gulls not caring how cold the water is right now.
I don’t let Damo crawl around on the beach very often. He ends up trying to eat all the sand and shells in sight and gets absolutely covered in it. The water is too cold to rinse him off right now or things might be different. When I do put him down, he crawls as far away from me as quickly as possible.