Aug 19, 2017


Mexico, My Family

We Made It!

We made it safe and sound to Puerto Vallarta! I knew at the back of my mind it was a risk and the baby could come at any time during my journey, but I tried to stay relaxed and the journey was relatively easy. I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is. It reminds me sooo much of Hawaii with the big green mountains, thick forest, and turquoise water. It’s exactly the place I’d like to spend my last week or so of pregnancy and welcome our new baby. Yesterday I met with my doctor who did a quick check-up and determined the baby is still pretty high up in my belly and quite comfortable for now. I’ve started taking my Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettle to strengthen my uterus up for the birth and recovery. I’m still a little nervous but super excited for the days to come. On Monday we have a water birthing class to attend, and other than that we’ll be enjoying the sun and sea in this beautiful paradise… waiting for our baby to be ready.