Dec 23, 2013


Africa, Tanzania, Travels

Toys for Tots at The Baobab Home

Last weekend finally felt like Christmas. I was beyond stoked to be able to return to The Baobab Home, an orphanage I visited when I first came to Tanzania. The purpose for our visit was to do a little volunteer work that we’ve been promising/meaning to do forever, and also to deliver toys from the Toys for Tots campaign. A new addition to the school had been built since I last visited, and the construction workers left a huge pile of heavy rocks and rubbish. Our job was to move this unsightly pile of rocks elsewhere. That job obviously required too much bending over and heavy lifting in the heat for my pregnant belly, so I took a few pictures and found other things to do. Once the pile was cleared, we headed down to the residence to meet the kids. In addition to the orphans that live at the home, a support group of about 30 HIV-positive children joined us. They were SO much fun. They put on a little performance with traditional music and dancing. They were all super stoked on the toys. Thank you to anyone who donated!!