Mar 15, 2019


Eva Pilar


On March 10, the beautiful girl that made me a mama turned seven years old. SEVEN! I feel like seven is the age where I can remember everything: All the feelings, stories, events. I feel like now I have to be even more aware of everything I do and say. Eva is watching me, and she’s beginning to understand how the world works. Sometimes it seems like she knows even more than I do. She’s so wise for such a little soul. So in tune with everything around her. Her heart is so big, so warm. She’s always creating. She’s an amazing artist and spends much of her day doodling away. The day before she turned seven, she was in her room being suspiciously quiet for longer than usual. Just before I went to check on her, she came out with a full-sized homemade kite, fully decorated and complete with a ribbon to fly. She proceeded to run outside and see if it would. It did, with the help of some running around the yard. I’m so blessed to be her mama. I just love this age, and I’m looking forward to all it has in store.