Apr 30, 2013


Eva Pilar, Tanzania

Rainy Season in Tanzania

It’s still raining in Tanzania. The rain is beating down on my roof as we speak. Luckily, it cleared up long enough for us to enjoy our first safari last weekend. I can’t wait to share pictures, but there are hundreds and hundreds of them, and I still need to go through and decide which ones I want. In the meantime I thought I’d share these pictures. They’re from last week, when I let Evita run around in the rain for the first time. We were all ready to go to the beach when the downpour started. I had an antsy toddler who clearly didn’t want to be indoors any longer (and I couldn’t blame her, neither did I) so I threw on her raincoat went outside. She was fascinated by the water falling from the sky. She was very serious at first, like “Are you sure it’s safe for me to do this?” She carefully stepped out from the shelter of our porch to the yard. She kept trying to look up at the sky but raindrops would land in her eyes and she’d quickly close them and look down. After a few more steps she realized how awesome the rain was and let out a huge smile. She waved her little arms around and danced to the rhythm of the raindrops. I know there are probably great-grandparents of hers shocked that I’d expose my child to illness (or whatever else the old wives tales say), but she loved it. Don’t all kids?