Jul 23, 2018


Mexico, My Family

Our Wedding Day

On July 7, 2018 I married the love of my life. The lighting that day is still so vivid. It had been sunny all weekend, but shortly before the ceremony the sound of thunder vibrated the atmosphere. The air was so thick you could slice it. The setting sun shone through the grey clouds and the scent of rain, fresh flowers, and the sea filled the air. Just as the ceremony started, the raindrops came down. It was a beautiful blessing to have all our family in one place- THIS place- whether in spirit or person too. We are so grateful to everyone who traveled from afar and helped celebrate our promise! It seemed like each person contributed something special- whether flowers, or music, or decorations, or simply their presence. A beautiful rainbow that also reflected in the sky. It felt like a dream. ❤️ So much love.

Thank you Tony Peña for these shots!!