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Na Pali

A few weeks ago we took a tour of the Na Pali Coast with Komohana Charters. It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Seeing this part of the Kauai from the water felt like I was in a dream: the greenest mountains pouring into the bluest water; waterfalls sliding into the ocean; dolphins, mantas, turtles, and more. We explored sea caves and lava tunnels, did a little free diving, and took in all there was to see. It was magical. I highly recommend Komohana Charters if you’re ever in Kauai. Other boats seem to be more aimed at the “touristy” crowd, and pack people on the boat elbow to elbow. Komohana is a six person boat, which can be booked privately or individually for comparable prices to the others. And it’s owned/operated by a lifelong local. Check out some pictures from our tour…




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