Apr 23, 2013


Eva Pilar

My Beach Baby

Lately Evita has been fearless at the beach. Immediately upon arrival, she runs to the water before I can even get situated. Her favorite place to be is where the sea comes in and out. If I try to hold her so the tiny waves don’t topple her over, she breaks away from me so that she can be on her own. If the water is shallow enough for her to stand in, she stands. She’s got the whole walking-in-water thing almost completely figured out. Every now and then she falls face first into the water, but she doesn’t even let out a whimper or let it slow her down. She frequently dips her own little face in the water then looks up at me with a proud grin. She rakes her baby fingers across the sandy bottom until they reach a shell to grasp. She plays and splashes and plays until she can hardly keep her head up from the exhaustion. I think it’s safe to say I’ve successfully raised a water baby. She’ll be surfing before we know it.