May 9, 2013



Moments Like These

Every single day, at least once a day, I take Evita to our yard for outdoors time. It’s actually more like Evita takes me to our yard for outdoors time. She will seriously stand at the door, along with our cats, whining to go out. Ever since she was nine months old, she has paraded around our yard collecting leaves and flowers that fall from our plumeria trees. Recently she’s been bringing these (and other flowers) to her nose to give them a whiff (and sometimes a kiss if she’s pleased with the outcome.) Every now and then, she holds a flower up in the air as if she wants to give it back to the tree it fell from. It’s the moments like these that make my entire day. The ones that make me drop my camera and run to her so that I can scoop her up and give her a million kisses. The ones that remind me how quickly she’s turning into a real person, with her own little thoughts.