Jun 5, 2015


Damian Julio, Eva Pilar

Keiki Update

Eva has been three for two months now. She’s blossomed so much since she started pre-school in April. She talks and talks and talks about anything and everything. She always has to be on-the-move and she hates being stuck at home. She loves the beach and going on nature walks. She loves picking flowers and watching animals. She’s as girly as ever, always noticing when someone has a new piece of jewelry or nail polish color. But she’s a free spirit. She isn’t afraid to roll around in the sand or splash in muddy puddles. She loves spaghetti, chocolate-chip granola bars, and grapes. She hates putting sunscreen on, even though she gets it just about every day. She’s getting really good at drawing and coloring. She’s very protective of her little brother and is always looking out for him. She’s the only one that can boss him around, in her opinion. She has a sweet, sensitive soul and she’s just so full of love. <3

Damian is 13 months now. He’s already learned so much since turning one. He’s really starting to get the hang of repeating sounds and learning words. Some of the words he says are there, bird, bear, here, ball, and he’s trying to say “belly button.” He can point to it along with his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth. He can also nod his head yes or no when asked a question. He loves throwing and kicking balls. He loves trucks and wheels. He’s also obsessed with our vacuum cleaner. He follows his sister around everywhere and tries to copy everything she does. He loves the beach and the ocean. He’s a great eater and will eat all day long if you let him. He likes to brush his teeth more than any kid I know. He’s the best cuddler and I hope he stays that way forever. <3