Oct 16, 2014


Jamaica, Travels

Jamaica: Blue Hole

While we were in Jamaica, we really wanted to get out into the forest and visit some waterfalls and swimming holes. Our resort was advertising Dunn’s Falls, but all of the pictures and reviews made it seem like it was overly crowded and overly priced. It seemed really commercialized, and we really wanted to go somewhere we could escape all that, you know? I heard about Blue Hole from an Instagram friend, and I’m so glad she told me about it. Blue Hole is situated up in the Mountains outside of Ocho Rios, making it difficult for tour buses and people afraid of driving to get there. The road is a little scary, and reminded me of driving deep in Mexico with all the potholes and steep drop-offs. We had rented a car and drove up there ourselves, but I think most taxicabs will take you there anyway. It hasn’t been taken over by the government, and it’s run locally by people who live in the surrounding community. There is a $10 entrance fee you pay to the guides that stay there. They take care of the place and will also show you around. It is a good idea to tip them, as well… They are amazing! They showed us all the best places to jump (there are tons!). They knew everything about the forest and taught us about the different types of plants and critters that call it home. They picked fresh almonds from the tree for us to try, as well as other native fruits. But the best thing about this place? The water. It’s is the bluest blue I’ve ever seen in the middle of a forest like that. It was the perfect temperature to cool off after a walk through the forest. It was such a beautiful place, and was one of my favorite things we did in Jamaica.