Aug 10, 2013


Eva Pilar

Eva Pilar: 17 Months

Evita Pilar,

You are seventeen months old going on seventeen. You have sass well beyond your years. Your little facial expressions are classic. You have quite the little vocabulary to go along with it, as well. You can usually tell us exactly what you want- from food to diaper changes to help getting up, down, or outside.  You’re definitely a full blown toddler now.

You are currently going through a phase where you have to identify and sort everything. You’ll point to a bra I left on the floor and say, “Mommy.” You’ll point to the keys and say, “Car.” You pause and look at me until I say, “Yes, Evita, the keys belong to the car,” and you smile with pride. It’s sooo adorable. You also love looking at pictures of your family members back in Texas. You point at their faces and tell me who they are. Sometimes you point to my iPad and ask me to FaceTime them.

Another adorable things you do is comfort your stuffed animals. You’ll pick up a bear, carry it against your chest with hand arm and pat it with the other saying, “night night.” I never directly taught you to do this; you must have just learned it from watching me. You also really like feeding me, the cats, or your stuffed animals. You make a smacking sound with your mouth when you do it. It’s amazing what a little sponge you are. You want to do everything that I do.

You’re getting pretty good at counting to three (and sometimes four or even five). I’m so grateful that I can stay home and teach you these things. You’re such a smart little baby and just so much fun. You’re great at following directions… when you want to.

You love to paint and draw. When you’re creating something, you really get into “the zone” and your little face gets an epic look of concentration. I love it. I also love that you love punk and metal. Nothing gets you more amped than music that is fast. You flail your little arms and spin around in circles when it’s on. Maybe you learned to love it when you were still in my belly.

Your favorite place to be is still the beach, and I try and take you everyday. You’re just the perfect baby. Thank you for being mine.