Mar 10, 2020


Earth Strong, Eva Pilar

Eva: 8 Years

Dear Baby Eva,

It’s pretty unbelievable that you’re 8 years old. I’m sure I’ve said that every year, but this number really amazes me. I feel like I only have a few years left of you being a “kid” and, well, we know how fast those years seem to go. The thought of this brings me so many fearful emotions but also helps pull me right to the present, to this beautiful present I first held 8 years ago today under a Hawaiian full moon.

On that day I never imagined anything more beautiful or perfect, but now here you are with your lovely smile and adorable freckles and warm, soft heart. You’re a big sister to THREE now, and you’re doing such an amazing job. You’re always looking out for your brothers and sister, always helping, always loving. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the typical sibling fighting, but the bond ya’ll share is the best thing ever to watch as a mama.

You’re such a leader, and lover of school. You’re in the middle(/end?!) of second grade and working on your multiplication and division skills. You love math and you’re SO good at it. You’re a great reader, too, and your handwriting? Already a million times better than mine. Your favorite part of school work, though, is any opportunity you have to draw or craft. You’ve always been a little artist and I love watching your work get more and more elaborate. This year you traded ballet for gymnastics, and you’re in piano too. You’ve also rode plenty of waves with mama & papa at the beach. You’re an amazing swimmer and surfing is coming natural to you.

You love cooking, both pretend and in real life. Your mudpies are some of the most awesome creations I have ever seen, and your pancakes? The tastiest. You love to be outside collecting rocks, sticks, shells, and anything else you can use to make one of your masterpieces.

So far you have lost 5 teeth, and gained 2 grown up teeth. You’ve grown so tall, and stretched about an inch and half in the last six months! You still dress up in princess outfits (I remember when that’s ALL you would wear), but now you put together some pretty awesome regular outfits too.

I’m so blessed to be your mama, and every day I thank the Creator for bringing you to me. I hope I’m doing well to teach and nurture you as I continue to watch you grow, my beautiful daughter. Thank you for being mine.