Oct 2, 2020



Elijah Ikaia: One Year

Dear Elijah,

It has been one year since you came ferociously but blissfully on a quiet Kauai morning. I can’t even explain to you how much has changed since then. Not just our family, but the whole world it seems! One day you will hear about 2020 and all of it’s chaos! But for now I will tell you about YOU!

You are such a BIG boy now and almost walking! You’ve taken a few steps here and there but I have a feeling you’ll be taking off any day now! You LOVE to eat! Your favorite foods is broccoli and one food that you will NOT eat is avocado!

You have two teeth on bottom and two HUGE teeth on top that are poking through! Your Papa’s nickname is “Dientes” and I think you’re going to inherit his big, warm smile.

You’re still nursing and giving mama all the cuddles! I love snuggling with you through the night even though you’re starting to take more and more room on the bed.

You’re sweet as can be and the perfect baby brother. We love you so much.