Aug 16, 2017


Damian Julio, My Family

Damian’s First Wave

Last week was a fun one. Hurricane Franklin hit just South of us in Mexico, providing some swell that is rare for Texas in the summer. The highlight of my week was watching Damian catch his first waves. At the beginning of the summer he was so hesitant. We didn’t want to push him, so instead we took it slow and just provided him with the opportunity. After a couple of months watching his big sis and all the other kids have fun, he finally found the bravery to do it on his own. Now he’s hooked. We have another little surfer grom on our hands, and I’m officially the only regular-footer in our house. Ryan, Eva, and Damian all surf with their left foot in the back, which makes them goofy footers. I’m the only one who surfs the RIGHT way. Hahaha, just kidding. But I do hope this baby in my belly is a regular-footer so I have another vote when choosing surf breaks to travel to. ????