Jun 24, 2014


Damian Julio

Damian Julio: Two Months

Dear Damian,

Happy Two Months! This month definitely flew by faster than the first. You feel SO much bigger to me now. I don’t have your two month stats yet but I’ll be getting them as soon as we get back to a Virginia.

We are in Texas right now, where you’re busy meeting all of your family members. It’s so sweet watching them hold you and seeing the big smiles you give them. You did pretty good on your first plane ride, but it was definitely hard for me to look after you and your sister on my own. Since we’ve been down you’ve been to the beach a whole lot, and you’ve had your first few dips in the pool. You love both. You just love floating in the water while I hold your little shoulders.

You’re still a pretty needy baby. You love to be held and need lots of love and attention. And I love giving it to you. You still nurse about every two hours during the day and every three hous at night, though for a while you were giving me longer stretches. You love watching fans and colorful objects. You’re the smiliest, giggliest two-month-old I’ve ever met. You’re starting to coo a lot more, too.

Things you Love: You love being in the water. You love being outside. You love being talked to in ridiculous voices. You love trying to talk.

Things you Hate: Same as last month- the car seat, your swing, and naps. You also hate being in one place for too long.

You still have a lot of dark hair, though some of it has fallen out. It seems that it is being replaced with a bit lighter shade. I think it will be like your sister’s. You’re eyes are still bluer than ever, but I think they’ll change too. You’re starting to get more rolls in your arms and legs. You’re pretty much the cutest baby ever.

I guess I only have one more month of his newborn stage with you. I’m looking forward to it and everything else we have in store. Thanks for being my sweet little boy.